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In the fall 2001 issue of LiNE Zine we examine themes around leadership and learning, presenting fresh ideas from thought leaders and practitioners from many different fields and perspectives. We focus on the intersection of leadership and learning, examining not only why and how leaders learn, but also the lessons we can glean from leader learners.

October 8, 2001 Update

  Wharton professor and leadership expert Mike Useem talks with Publisher Brook Manville about “upward leadership,” increasingly relevant in today’s management world where the two-way flow of feedback and learning must take place across organizations, from and with people above—and below—in the organizational structure.

  Gil Gordon, author of “Turn it Off”, tells editor in chief Marcia Conner about what leaders can do to create productive, technology-enabled environments without chaining people to the bonds technology and 24-hours a day availability.

  Executive Leader Coaches Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith share their findings on the best practices of Legacy Leaders, emphasising leaders as learners, leaders as teachers, and leaders as builders of legacy.