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Learning In The New Economy
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As if you didn’t have enough to read. Or enough websites to “check out.” But if you’re here, maybe, just maybe, you haven’t found one that hits one of the more important issues on your professional and/or intellectually curious mind--learning in this New Economy.

Our premise for this online offering is a simple one: learning, the “shock absorber for the speed bumps of change,” is more important than ever in today’s way of working and doing business. And nobody has it all figured out yet. We certainly don’t. But we intend to help you and other dear readers get closer. We have bold ideas, many friends, and a very inquisitive search underway, every day, to bring forward some of the more interesting conversations and thought pieces than we think you’ll find anywhere else.

We intend this e-publication to be a resource, laboratory, and rolling conversation. We will make it the crossroads of lots of provocative, challenging thinking—but also a source of “news you can use” in forging strategies for the New Economy learning organization.

Our mission is not to proselytize the Internet, any single methodology, technology or any particular product or service. It’s rather to open and stretch your thinking about what’s going on around all of us in this knowledge revolution—and how learning needs to be pursued, designed and applied in today’s performance-driven organizations.

Saba is our first sponsor and will continue to be our primary sponsor. Their motto (reflecting their software) is "connecting people to learning." This zine is about connecting people to learning about learning, but always in a vendor-neutral way. Going forward, we will also welcome other organizations interested in sponsoring LiNE Zine and our forthcoming community.

This, our inaugural issue, begins a series we will release quarterly, with interim updates and features along the way. We expect to change, make it better, and shape it as we become better acquainted with all of you, and with your preferences and interests. Welcome to our starting conversation. Please click through while imagining a few tinkling cocktail glasses in the background, and let us hear from you!

Brook Manville  brook@linezine.com