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Fall 2000

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The following authors contributed to the Spring 2000 issue of LiNE Zine.

Christopher Bartlett is the Daewoo Chair of Business Administration at Harvard Business School where he also serves as Chairman of the School’s General Management Area. He is the author or coauthor of five books, including (coauthored with Sumantra Ghoshal) The Individualized Corporation: A Fundamentally New Approach to Management and Managing Across Borders: The Transnational Solution. In addition to his academic responsibilities, he maintains ongoing relationships with several major corporations, serving both as a board member and as a consultant/management advisor.

Laurie J. Bassi is Saba's resident research expert, focusing on research and public policy initiatives for enhancing human performance. Prior to Saba, Dr. Bassi served as a vice president and general manager at the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and as a tenured professor of economics at Georgetown University. She is author of What Works: Training and Development Practices (1997). You can reach her directly at lbassi@saba.com

Marcia L. Conner is Editor-in-Chief of LiNE Zine and CEO/Co-founder of The Learnativity Alliance. Write to her at marcia@linezine.com.

Esther Dyson is the chairman of EDventure Holdings, which publishes the monthly computer-industry newsletter, Release 1.0. As an investor/commentator, she focuses on emerging technologies, emerging markets, and emerging companies. She is the author of Release 2.1: A Design for Living in the Digital Age (1998). Write to her at edyson@edventure.com.

Brook Manville is Publisher of LiNE Zine and Chief Learning Officer at Saba. Write to him at brook@linezine.com.

Beth Garlington Scofield is Managing Editor of LiNE Zine. You can reach her at beth@linezine.com

Douglas K. Smith is a consultant and author specializing in organization performance, innovation, and change. Named in The Guru Guide as one of the world's leading management thinkers, his work has been featured in Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business Review, the New York Times, and the McKinsey Quarterly. His most recent book is Make Success Measurable (1999) You can reach him directly at dekaysmith@aol.com

William Snyder is a founding partner of Social Capital Group, a research and consulting firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In January 2000, he co-authored the Communities of Practice: The Organizational Frontier with Etienne Wenger in Harvard Business Review, Jan/Feb 2000. You can reach him directly at wsnyder@socialcapital.com

Jerry Southwick has been a cartoonist, illustrator and web designer in the San Francisco Bay Area for 10 years. As sole proprietor of Swimming Aardvark, he has done cartoons for Levi Strauss, AirTouch, Xerox, Fourelle Systems, and Cartoon Network. You can see more of his work at http://www.s-aardvark.com

Etienne Wenger is a consultant on knowledge management and communities of practice. He is also the author of Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity. In January 2000, he co-authored the Communities of Practice: The Organizational Frontier with William Snyder in Harvard Business Review, Jan/Feb 2000. He is based in North San Juan, California. You can reach him directly at etienne@ewenger.com.

Interested in becoming an author for LiNE Zine? Send email to proposal@linezine.com.