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Lotte Bailyn is T Wilson (Class of 1953) Professor of Management and Behavioral Policy Science (BPS) at MIT Sloan. As the author of Breaking the Mold: Women, Men, and Time in the New Corporate World (and with her research team the upcoming Beyond Work-Family Balance), Bailyn focuses her work on the relationship between managerial practice and employees' lives. Learn more about her on the MIT Sloan Website.

Laurie Bassi is president of Human Capital Dynamics, a research-based consulting firm in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She enhances her busy life by serving as a research fellow to Saba and Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change. She claims to be a conservative, middle of the road economist, but if you’ve read her contributions to LiNE Zine, you know otherwise. Reach her directly at

Barbara Berry is an artist, mother of two, and a practicing Buddhist. Her aspirations are to make genuine, personal art, and discover her own gentle and fearless nature. Learn more about her art at or email at She welcomes ideas for marketing and displaying her work.

Susan Cantwell is a Corporate/ Personal Wellness Coach and fitness guru who has been known to have clients belt out a few lines of their favorite songs to help them center and focus on possibilities. She is the Author of Mind Over Matter: Personal Choices for a Lifetime of Fitness. To balance out work and play, she loves to run the river and the challenge of a good tickle fight with her three children. Send her an email at

Marcia L. Conner is Editor-in-Chief of LiNE Zine and CEO of the Learnativity Alliance. She loves helping people learn, and learn happily, an attitude that infuses her work. Let her know what you think of LiNE Zine at or visit her on the web at

Jay Cross founded Internet Time Group to help organizations get the most out of elearning and collaboration. Internet Time’s “Little 5” have the same credentials as the “Big 5” without the boilerplate, overhead, and recent college grads. The team specializes in rescue missions to wring results from elearning basket cases. Write him at

Tom Davenport is Director of the Accenture Institute for Strategic Change and a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Babson College. He has co-authored or edited nine books, including the first books on business process reengineering, knowledge management, and enterprise systems. His latest book—coauthored with John Beck—is The Attention Economy (Harvard Business School Press), which describes how individuals and organizations can manage “the new currency of business.” He has a Ph.D. from Harvard University in organizational behavior and has taught at the Harvard Business School, the University of Chicago, Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, and the University of Texas at Austin. He has also directed research centers at Ernst & Young, McKinsey & Company, and CSC Index.

Joel Getzendanner was a founding board member of the Chaordic Alliance, and now works full-time with the Chaordic Commons on its projects and educational programs. He is a pioneer in foundation community—both for innovative grant making and social investing—and is a widely sought after speaker and consultant. He is also widely viewed as the person who convinced Dee Hock, Visa International CEO Emeritus, to come out of retirement to launch Chaordic organizations. Getzendanner did that while working at the Joyce Foundation. He works on achieving his own balance with the help of his loving wife and two daughters. He coaches springboard diving at the local high school and likes to fly kites. He can be reached at

Amy Keill is Manager of Customer Quality and Learning at Saba. When she’s not working to create a customer focused and balanced organization, she is training for triathlons, traveling to distant lands to study culture, cooking for her pals or learning about something new. She will be returning to school this fall to pursue a Masters in Organizational Psychology and hopes to study further the Return on Balance Investment. Write her at

Kathy Kelly, Ph.D. is an educational psychologist with a passion for women’s issues. She works with various organizations to advance women and girls’ career opportunities and serves on the board of the Women’s Vision Foundation. On balance, professionally Kathy is vice president of business development for Nforma Corporation. Contact her at

Robert Laubacher, a research associate at MIT's Sloan School of Management, focuses his research on how IT-enabled organizational practices are transforming the employment relationship. Mr. Laubacher was previously with JSA International, and prior to joining JSA, was with Cambridge Energy Research Associates, there serving as primary researcher for "The Prize," a history of the international oil industry which won the 1991 Pulitzer prize and became the basis for an 8-part PBS series.

James Levine is founder and Director of the Fatherhood Project, the longest-running national initiative on fatherhood (founded in 1981) and currently part of Families and Work Institute. He also runs James Levine Communications, Inc. (, a literary agency. You can contact him at with questions regarding The Fatherhood Project or about Daddy Stress/Daddy Success® workshops, which can be delivered to your organization.

Brook Manville is publisher of LiNE Zine and Chief Learning Officer at Saba. He enjoys exploring the intersection of business and learning, and his prior experiences as a partner at McKinsey & Company, a member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University, a freelance journalist, a business and technology analyst at CBS, and a classically trained historian flavor his explorations. Email him at

Russell Morris is a writer looking to rejoin the workforce in Western Connecticut. If you know a place where his talents could be put to use, let him know. Telecommuting and contract writing assignments are welcome. Reach him at

Jeffrey Pfeffer is the Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Previously he has served on the faculties of the business schools at the University of Illinois and the University of California at Berkeley, and served as Director of Executive Education for Stanford’s business school. He is a member of the visiting committee for the Harvard Business School, and is a member of the Academy of Management and the Industrial Relations Research Association. He is a prolific author with ten books and over 100 articles and book chapters to his credit.

Beth Garlington Scofield is Managing Editor of LiNE Zine. Before coming to LiNE Zine and Saba (she splits her time between both) she worked in the Washington, DC office of McKinsey & Company with McKinsey’s Organization Practice. She was also an ESL teacher in Japan and India for several years. Write her at

Rebecca Shambaugh is Founding Principal of Women in Leadership and Learning and President/CEO of Shambaugh Leadership Group. In these roles she advises and coaches senior level executives and leaders through issues such as organizational alignment, strategy due to mergers and, acquisitions, crisis and change management, career transition, and personal styles. Prior to starting her consulting practice, Shambaugh served in key operations and staff leadership roles for General Motors, Fairchild Industries, and Amax, Inc. Contact her directly at

Sue Shellenbarger is a columnist and news editor for The Wall Street Journal. She originated and writes the "Work and Family" column that appears most Wednesdays on the front page of the Journal's Marketplace section. In 2000, she was awarded the National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ first-place prize in the general interest category and a Missouri Lifestyles Journalism Award in the best short feature category. She is also the author of Work & Family: Essays from the 'Work and Family' Column of the Wall Street Journal. Brook Manville is Publisher of LiNE Zine and Chief Learning Officer of Saba. He can be reached at

Kellee K. Sikes is a contributing editor for LiNE Zine and Principal of Pioneer Technologies. As an all-natural weed, she often shares weedy secrets for success with her clients through business analysis, project management, and business development services of Pioneer Technologies. Despite having planted roots in St. Louis, Missouri, you can find her traveling to cultivate weeds all over the globe. Tell her about your favorite weed at

Douglas K. Smith is a consultant and author who focuses on organization performance, innovation, and change. He has worked with businesses and organizations across the spectrum and his work has been featured in leading publications around the world. You can reach him directly at

Jerry Southwick has been a cartoonist, illustrator, and web designer for 10 years. As sole proprietor of Swimming Aardvark, he has done cartoons for Levi Strauss, AirTouch, Xerox, Fourelle Systems, Cartoon Network among many others. He wants to be a children's book author when he grows up. Email him at

Elaine St. James has been hailed as the leader of the simplicity movement by The New York Times. Author of the national bestseller Simplify Your Life, which detailed how she scaled back her own life in the early '90s, St. James has written five other best-selling books on simplifying, including Inner Simplicity, Simplify Your Christmas, Simplify Your Work Life. St. James ran her own real estate investing business for fifteen years and wrote a book on real estate investing before she began the process of simplifying her own life. Learn more about her at

Melinda Vilas is a speaker, writer, and the Editor-at-Large of Living in Balance Magazine, the author of The Magic Toolbox; a children's book, a founder of, and head of PR for She can be reached at