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Why is it that some of us seem to be waiting for the game of life to begin? We work, save up money, and go on a vacation so we can really live it up for a few days. The vacation comes and goes, and we find ourselves whining and wishing that we could have more balance and that vacation-kind-of-feeling every day of our lives.

We’ve read about balance, that illusive concept of perfectly combining a blissful personal life with our professional demands. Do you ever wonder, “Why is this life balance concept so difficult to learn?” It should be simple. Studies indicate that any action taken consistently for 30 days will become a habit. It will become something that you have successfully learned and incorporated into your life. The concept seems long as you're disciplined enough to stick with something for a mere 30 days.

One of the difficulties revolving around learning to achieve work/life balance is that our situations, jobs, family, and lives are fluid, and therefore, constantly changing. The balance or equilibrium is constantly being challenged. You may have learned that consistent exercise helps your body work at its optimum, so you developed a habit of going to the gym for 30 minutes a day. Then your job changes, forcing you to be more physically active. Now you realize that instead of exercising for a half hour, you really crave peace, quiet, solitude. You haven't gotten lazy; your balance needs have shifted. Most of us think we've learned what works and we keep doing it without recognizing our needs have changed.

Learning to balance demands the ability to listen to the deeper knowing that will tell you what you need. Don't we usually know what we need—when to exercise or meditate or laugh and have fun—we just don't do it?

Simply being aware that balancing your life is a priority creates a space for you to learn and re-learn what it is that you currently need. We constantly have to be open to the vast possibilities and realize that each of us has diverse needs demanding t ever changing solutions.

Sorry, no Top Ten Sure Fire Tips, no cookie cutter answers, and no bull here. You are unique; you've always known this truth, so your balance requirements are unique, too

Okay, here's one basic guideline: Take time daily to do something that you love, something that feeds your soul. The list of somethings is as long as your imagination is creative. Meditate, go for a walk, write, read, paint, pump iron, teach a child something, cook a gourmet meal, dance, sing, journal, commune with nature, practice yoga, play golf, etc., etc. You probably already know what "it" is; you just have to make a conscious choice to incorporate "it" into your life. And recognize that your needs may be different tomorrow.

If you're really not sure what feeds your mind/body/spirit/soul right now, try on something new for 30 days; see what you learn about yourself. Did it work? Do you feel more or less balanced? You have to be willing to let go of should, wanna but and if only, and try stepping into a space of discovery. The experiment is you. Enjoy!

Melinda Vilas is a speaker, writer, and the Editor-at-Large of Living in Balance Magazine, the author of The Magic Toolbox; a children's book, a founder of, and head of PR for She can be reached at



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