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Letter from the Webmaster: Upgrade more than your brain

by Greg Roberts

Despite you best efforts and interest in focusing on people first, don’t lose site of the fact you can quickly lose much of the value from human capital because of obsolete hardware and software. Here are a few ways to improve your success through technology.

1.  Get high-speed Internet access for your business and home. During this issue’s production, I got caught up in the demise of a large DSL provider in my part of the world. When they went out of business, my network went down, too. Why subject myself to this much hassle? High speed Internet, compared to a 56K dial-up via AOL, is like a dragster racing the old red flyer wagon I used to pull around the neighbourhood. Now that I’m back to using the trusty wagon, everything online seemed to be moving in slow motion. But don’t misunderstand. I’d still recommend you get high-speed Internet access for your business and home if you spend more than an hour on the Internet each day. The time you save will more than cover the extra 20.00/month and the complications that might arise. If land-based connections are not yet available, Sprint is working on satellite connections that will soon be the standard to reach more and more homes.

2.  Upgrade your computer system, or at least add memory. If someone told you about a machine that could let you work nearly twice as fast as you are now that only costs $1,200 what would say? My first question would be to ask, “What is my time worth?” Minutes you wait can quickly turn into hours of waiting. If you have to wait for your computer to finish each task, it is probably too slow for your project. As a web developer, I really use the power of the Internet and my computer to work with each other. Windows was designed to multi-task. For me that means running my FTP in one window, downloading needed files in another, editing text in my HTML editor, and letting Photoshop do it's optimisation magic to my graphic files at the same time. Don't get caught waiting at your computer. Upgrade now and use your time to make money. This is an investment in you and whatever you do.

3.  Multitask your own memory.

A. If at all possible, play some soft music in the background. This, for many people, actually keeps the mind from wandering too far.

B. Write down the next three things you want to do today. This helps you focus on the task at hand and keeps you from worrying about the other things you have to do you fear you might forget. As you finish each task, cross it off your list. When all are complete, reward yourself with a break, some food, or another LiNE Zine article.

C. Organize the desktop on your desk and your computer. I have organized my physical desktop much like a computer, each project in its own file folder, in a drawer named C:\

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