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Become a Sponsor of LiNE Zine: A Capital Idea

Our 2001 spring issue on Human Capital is an exciting milestone for LiNE Zine: #4 for our quarterly and a year since we crafted this publication! It’s been an exciting and fast launch for a web-based specialty publication, and we’re proud of all we have achieved. Your readership, the growing audience coming to visit us, and the ongoing enthusiasm of talented writers, commentators and thinkers to become part of our pages continue to confirm to us here at LiNE Zine that we’re on to something that’s delivering real value.

That value can be shared with, and leveraged for, enterprising organizations who become LiNE Zine sponsors. If you’re looking to invest some marketing or publicity dollars that will distinguish you from the crowd, why not consider us? Here’s why:

1. A cost-effective, broad, and high quality readership audience.
Since our launch last year, we’ve had over 120,000 visitors to, and the rate is increasing steadily. It’s a thoughtful, reading audience, and it’s also global—our visitors come from as far away as China, Chile, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, and many points in-between, overall now representing over 70 countries. Our audience spans many complimentary disciplines, not only training and development people, but also human resources, knowledge and planning strategists, senior managers, and marketing executives. As these markets increasingly converge, we’re pacing the revolution of cross-boundary thinking! We’re targeting all the decision-makers in today’s complex world of purchasing knowledge-related products and services.

Many of our readers register as commercial subscribers, and invite our sponsors specifically to forward them information and material about their products and services. This mailing list is an invaluable source of direct contact to qualified and interested prospects for your business opportunities. In composition, it consists of roughly 70% who describe themselves as executive managers, 20% who are practitioners, and 10% who are key influencers from the ranks of journalists, analysts, and academia.

2. Smarter, classier, and hipper than the usual alternatives.
Compared to other media you might consider, we’re very good value. If you are a provider of elearning or other training/organization/development services, our annual sponsorship of $75K is up to 54% less than rates of similar publications, and provides the opportunity for rapid click-through to your company or product website.  To reach interested subscribers with other suppliers, you might have to pay a hefty fee per name for access to a qualified mailing list. LiNE Zine sponsors get access to our qualified lead list at no extra charge—and our list is growing over 18% per issue. 

Companies spend millions of dollars every year to put their name on canvas tote bags or the podium of some speaker at a learning conference. These co-identifications are fleeting, often ignored, and can cost as much as an entire year of your logo on the home page of LiNE Zine. We have the highest commitment to visual and editorial quality, and we cater to an audience that thinks, reflects, and pays attention to everything written on our pages.

Why get lost in the ephemeral clutter left behind in the hotel, when your company can welcome thousands of thoughtful visitors to our website, day after day in this New Economy?

3. Association with leading-edge, “break the mold” thinking and authors. 
We publish interviews, articles, and ideas of the out-front thinkers and the names people in our space—and your customers—already know or need to know.  Ester Dyson of Release 1.0; Alan Webber of Fast Company; Etienne Wenger, and John Seeley Brown, founding fathers of communities of practice; best-selling authors Douglas K. Smith, Michael Schrage, Verna Allee, Jessica Lipnack, and Howard Rheingold; Gary Becker, Nobel Prize winner in Economics; and world-renowned designer Roger Black of Leading academic business thinkers such as Chris Bartlett, Bob Sutton, Sumantra Ghoshal, David Finegold, and Thomas O. Davenport. We also publish a host of voices that will be tomorrow's out-front idea generators including Jeffrey Huang, Judee Humburg, Verne Harnesh, Jay Cross, Kavita Bali, David Grebow, and Wendy Coles.

This is very good company for your brand, and we invite you to become part of an exclusive club of cutting-edge thinking about learning in the New Economy. It’s all too easy to be boring and yesterday; LiNE Zine is your ticket to the rocket of new ideas with substance and staying power.

4. Opportunity to partner with us for your important themes and topics, both inside and beyond the Zine.
LiNE Zine is editorially product and company-neutral: we don’t feature case studies, “advertorials,” or new product announcements. But we know that the new space of learning, human capital management, and organizational learning is being defined and framed by the innovations of thousands of exciting companies like yours. New ideas, perspectives, and interpretations of markets and strategies can come from anywhere—and we are eager to publish thinking and points of view that support any particular worldview of interest to our readership.

Sponsorship can provide a special opportunity and platform to explore issues and themes of interest to your company, within the context of LiNE Zine’s vision. We would be happy to work with you on strategic editorial projects. In addition to featuring topics you find vital to your success, we can also partner with you in your company’s learning events, providing consultation, and new concept development related to learning, development, and knowledge strategies.

5. Get on the escalator while we’re still young…and inexpensive!
On a per impression or per subscriber basis, LiNE Zine is cost-effective versus other alternatives, and a modest investment of marketing or public relations dollars in today’s competitive economy. But you’re not only buying today’s audience and ideas, you’re also buying a “call” on tomorrow’s upside. Our rate of growth continues to accelerate—we’ve averaged over 60% per issue—and we have every reason to believe we’re just at the beginning of an even bigger curve!

So how do I become a sponsor? 

Check out details at or contact me, Marcia Conner, or Beth Garlington Scofield. We would be delighted to discuss the opportunities that sponsorship can provide. Let us help you reach the human capital you desire, and put your company at the front of the learning revolution!

Brook Manville

Publisher, LiNE Zine

Spring 2001