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vb –ized; -izing vt (1850)

1: To write or print with an initial capital or in capitals 2 a: to convert into capital b: to treat as capital rather than expense 3 a: to compute the present value of b: to convert into an equivalent capital sum 4: to supply capital for ~ vi: to gain by turning something into advantage: profit

When our executives fail to mentally capitalize the employees, viewing them as negative numbers on an expense sheet, our office suffers a human recession.

With tax season in full swing we need to review our development costs to insure we have capitalized all of our development time.

It is amazing how she always lands on her feet; she capitalizes very opportunity that comes her way.



\dü-‘en-(,)da\ n Spanish (1964): the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm

He is the worst leader organizationally, but his duende brings in new hires while veterans will follow him anywhere.

Even the duende of the world’s most successful entrepreneur could not make her see the value of investing in human capital.


Sockdolager or  Sockdologer

\säk-‘däl-I-jer\ n [perth. Alter. Of doxology] (ca. 1830)

1: something that settles a matter: a decisive blow or answer: FINISHER 2: something outstanding or exceptional

An eye for when to encourage growth and when to promote struggle is the quintessential sockdolager in human capital management.

The product was solid, but the visible strength of the company's integrity was the sockdologer that sealed the deal.

His black suit was nicely pressed, his white shirt was clean and well starched, and his tie was of the power variety, but when he crossed his leg he exposed the sockdolager: his neon purple socks!

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