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Dean Alms is a founder, Co-President and Chief Strategy Officer for Groundswell Inc., a premier provider of Internet consulting and implementation services focused on building people-centric solutions. You can reach him directly at or on the web at

Kavita Bali is the Founder and Creative Director of Urban Peacock, a Design consulting firm specializing in complex UI infrastructures and visual design systems based in Silicon Valley. She has served as Sr. Art Director at Intuit's Centralized Engineering Division, UI Design and Usability Impressario for PeopleSoft's eBusiness Solutions Division, and most recently as a UI Design Director at Groundswell, specializing in long term Strategy and Research & Development of multi-level, enterprise infrastructures. Kavita has her BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and is also an exhibiting fine artist, photographer and filmmaker. In addition to her design firm, Kavita is creating an online space that deals with cultural discovery and the preservation of our individual heritages. You can reach her at

Susan Bernstein, M.B.A., wrote this article while working as a marketing manager with an elearning company. She is currently coaching professionals in transition through her own venture, Tune In and Turn On and pursuing a PhD in Somatic Psychology at Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. Somatic psychology brings together the mind and body for performance enhancement and healing, including helping people to overcome loneliness. You can contact Susan at

Roger Black is Chief Creative Officer at, where he helps coordinate the efforts of several hundred designers, editors, writers and information architects. He was formerly art director of the New York Times and Rolling Stone, and during the 1970s and 1980s he redesigned Newsweek, Esquire, Foreign Affairs and Ad Age. In the 1990s he also became a leading designer of websites and internet-delivered content. He started Interactive Bureau (co-founded with S.O.J. Spivy and David Berlow in 1994), which emerged as a leading-edge firm for high-end design. In 1999 Interactive Bureau became part of He is the author of Web Sites that Work (with Sean Elder, Adobe Press, 1997). You can reach him at

Paula Cohen is Senior Producer for ABC’s World News This Morning. Prior to her work at ABC News, she worked at CNN in Atlanta where she learned about news, 24-hours a day. She has a degree in Government from Wesleyan University. When she can tear herself away from the 24-hour news channels, she likes reading and exploring New York City. She aspires someday to get off the overnight shift. Learn more from

Marcia L. Conner is Editor-in-Chief of LiNE Zine and CEO of the Learnativity Alliance. She loves helping people learn, and learn happily, an attitude that infuses her work. Let her know what you think of LiNE Zine at or visit her on the web at

Jay Cross is CEO of Internet Time Group, a think tank and consultancy that helps organizations make elearning decisions. He has pioneered new approaches to technology-assisted learning since the Stone Age. (At least it feels like it. "Since the early seventies" is closer to reality.) Creative despite degrees from both Princeton and Harvard, he lives in the hills of Berkeley, California, with his tennis-playing wife, 17-year old geek son, and two miniature longhaired dachshunds. You can reach him at or on the web at

Jeff De Cagna is Managing Director, Strategic Learning, and Development for the Special Libraries Association, the leading international organization for library and information professionals. In his role at SLA, Jeff is responsible for all of the association's learning and development activities, including distance learning and "residence" learning seminars and institutes. Jeff is one of the association community's thought leaders on learning, serving as a member of the Professional Development Council for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). He is a contributing editor for Executive Update magazine, published by the Greater Washington Society of Association Executives (GWSAE). You can reach him at or on the web at

Dave Gray, founder and president of Xplane, has a zeal for helping people learn and a recognized talent for visual design. Prior to founding Xplane, he worked as a graphic journalist for major metropolitan newspapers, a lecturer in visual communication and design at Washington University, and as an artist and developer of visualize strategy at Root Learning, Inc. His work has been recognized by Print Magazine, the Associated Press, and the Society of Newspaper Design. He can be reached online at

Cheryl Emory is a contributing editor for LiNE Zine and principal consultant for Performance Designs in Richmond, Virginia. She has worked with clients ranging from Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield andthe University of Maine to Dominic's of New
York. In addition to writing and consulting, Cheryl stays  busy helping two daughters get through their teenage years, advocating for persons with special needs, supporting local theatre, and spending time with her husband. She can be reached directly at

JD Eveland is a knowledge manager with over 20 years experience in business, government, and academia. He has background and experience in teaching, distance learning, qualitative and quantitative research, technology transfer and utilization, and innovation management, and has published and presented in areas as diverse as information systems, communication and education, innovation theory and public policy, technology transfer and utilization, and cooperative research.  Contact him directly at or visit him on the web at

David Grebow is fascinated by how, when, where and why we learn. His work as a writer, education consultant and entrepreneur has carried him all over the world where he’s observed the learning process, especially in the workplace, for over 30 years. He has consulted with most of the Fortune 100 companies and, more recently, many new technology companies and dotcom’s. Dearborn Press will publish his book, Intersections with the New: The Dilemma of Performance in the Knowledge Economy, next year.

Jeffrey Huang is Assistant Professor of Architecture at Harvard University, Graduate School of Design. His research focuses on new typologies for working, learning and shopping that combine clicks and mortar. He is the recipient of a Harvard Provost Innovation Grant and is currently the principal investigator of a project on emerging elearning architectures, sponsored by Lombard Odier & Cie. You can reach him at

Woodleigh Marx Hubbard is an illustrator and author of children’s books including All That You Are , Imaginary Menagerie, C Is for Curious, and Once I Was.... She was recently featured in Wings of an Artist: Children's Book Illustrators Talk About Their Art You can see more of her work at

Judee Humburg is passionate about helping people in companies build products and services that “wow!” users based on actionable knowledge of their customers’ priorities, values, needs, and expectations. Humburg has over 19 years experience initiating and implementing innovative usability engineering and user-centered design practices at Intuit and Hewlett-Packard. She specializes in usability research for the ‘Fuzzy Front End’ of the development lifecycle by integrating customer feedback into strategic business as well as product planning and design. Humburg has presented at various professional usability, interface design, and human-computer interaction conferences worldwide and has taught courses in usability research practices and interface design. She is currently working with Nuance Communications as a manager in their Voice Interface Services group. She can be reached online at or

Melissa Koch is Senior Product Marketing Manager at RealCommunities where she leads the development of purpose applications. Prior to RealCommunities, she was Managing Director of CCCnet at Computer Curriculum Corporation. Koch has developed several Internet products for the K-12 education market while working with organizations such as The Learning Company, PBS, O’Reilly & Associates, and the Edison Project. She has also written several articles on technology and education, and co-authored a book, NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet. She has a B.A. from Grinnell College and a M.A. in mass communications and telecommunications from Northwestern University. Koch has been working with learning communities for more than seven years. She enjoys creating experiences and materials for new media that enable all of us to learn from each other. You can reach her at or at

Brook Manville is publisher of LiNE Zine and Chief Learning Officer at Saba. He enjoys exploring the intersection of business and learning, and his prior experiences as a partner at McKinsey & Company, a member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University, a freelance journalist, a business and technology analyst at CBS, and a classically trained historian flavor his explorations. Email him at

Eric Parks, Ph.D. is President/CEO of ASK International. Eric is an international known eLearning philosopher. He has served as a contributing editor to Technology for Learning (a Billcom publication) for over 5 years and has been featured in many industry publications including Training Magazine, Online Learning Magazine and IOMA Reports. Contact him directly at or on the web at

Janice Peterson Peacock is President of TIKI Software Education and Consulting, which she started in 1992.  Prior to founding TIKI, Janice worked at a variety of high tech companies including Sun Microsystems and Sybase. She is a specialist in technical instructor-led course design, development and management.  In her years at TIKI she and her team of course developers have worked with many technology companies to build training organizations, develop new training programs and deliver high-quality course materials to many students. Janice holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Simon Priest, Ph.D. is a consultant and mentor in leadership, corporate, organization and executive programs. Contact him at

Hal Richman, Ph.D., is President and a founder of Knowledge Navigators International Inc. He works with eBusiness portals, digital marketplaces, and enterprises to envision, design and inspire others to implement new forms of collaboration, community and learning. Throughout his life, he has shown a passion for imparting unto others what he himself has learned and understood. Dr. Richman has provided inspiration for the founding of two innovative start-ups and is driven by the puzzle of how collaboration can help create new business models in the digital economy. He has a Ph.D. in Political Science, formed and operated an innovative food distribution business, founded and ran a successful retail/whole business, worked in software support and has practiced as a management consultant focused on online learning and eBusiness collaboration. Contact him directly at or

Victoria Saunders is principle at The Metanoic Group, a consulting firm located in Richmond, Virginia. The Metanoic Group is dedicated to assisting clients achieve inspired performance. In addition, she is leadership development coach for many executives in the Richmond area. Ms. Saunders has also served as an adjunct professor for American University and Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching courses in Human Performance Improvement and Organizational Learning. She can be reached at

Michael Schrage is a research associate at the MIT Media Lab, A Merrill Lynch Forum Innovation Fellow and "Brave New Work" columnist for Fortune magazine. He is the author of several books, including No More Teams (1995) and the recently released Serious Play (1999). You can reach him at

Beth Garlington Scofield is Managing Editor of LiNE Zine. Before coming to LiNE Zine and Saba (she splits her time between both) she worked in the Washington, DC office of McKinsey & Company with McKinsey’s Organization Practice. She was also an ESL teacher in Japan and India for several years. Write her at

David Sibbet is the founder and president of the Grove Consultants International. He has been an organizational consultant and graphic designer for more than 20 years, building on eight prior years in experience-based leadership development at the Coro Foundation. He is the author of leading-edge group process tools and provides coaching and design expertise to consultants and organizations around the world. Visit him online at

John Sorflaten, Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Design. He calls Instructional Design the human factors of education, making effortless his (and your) transition from training design to user interface design. Screen design and instructional design both take into account user and learner characteristics, task and learning requirements, and the process of iterative design that includes usability testing. For 13 years, John has consulted with and taught large and small organizations for Human Factors International (HFI). One of John’s recent clients, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders won a “Best of the Fed” award for web site design. You can reach him online at

Jerry Southwick has been a cartoonist, illustrator, and web designer for 10 years. As sole proprietor of Swimming Aardvark, he has done cartoons for Levi Strauss, AirTouch, Xerox, Fourelle Systems, Cartoon Network among many others. He wants to be a children's book author when he grows up. Email him at

Muriel Waldvogel is a practicing architect in Concord, Massachusetts. She creates spaces that bridge physical and virtual environment. Her focus is on using the five senses to transmit information. She has a PhD on tactile perception from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and has collaborated with the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, and the Tangible Media Group at the Media Lab. Contact her at

Carol Weiss is Vice President of Communications and a founding investor of Experient Technologies, a company started in late 1997 to develop advanced tools for managing elearning. Weiss became an early proponent of technology-deployed education during her prior role as a communications executive with EDS for 10 years. There she was involved in developing numerous leading-edge projects ranging from the earliest interactive multimedia demonstrations to the JASON Project, the world’s first international interactive science expedition transmitted to millions of students via satellite in 1988 and later on the Internet. She also created and managed (for five years) the EDS Technology Grant Program, a corporate philanthropy that awarded grants to teachers worldwide for innovative applications of technology that furthered learning. Reach her online at

Karen Wright is the founder of Parachute Executive Coaching. Through her fifteen years in marketing and advertising, she has developed a clear understanding of corporate issues and challenges and is able to coach corporate managers to be successful under today's stressful business conditions. She is Canada's first Professional Certified Coach (PCC, as accredited by the International Coach Federation) after having been trained by the world's leading coach training organization, Coach University. A driving force in the emergence of coaching in Canada, Karen is the Canadian Regional Leader and Toronto Chapter Past Host for the International Coach Federation. Contact her at