Fall 2000


Letter from the Publisher, Brook Manville

Well, it's out of the nest and flying along¾the bluebird we offer to all interested readers who understand there's something about this New Economy and the practice of learning that requires some fresh, non-predictable thinking. In fact our bluebird is soaring, somewhat to our surprise. We were delighted, even a little stunned, to see how quickly readers flocked to www.linezine.com for its inaugural issue. Since our official launch, we've had over 15,000 visitors to the site, from all over the world¾not only U.S. pilgrims, but also visitors from Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Norway, Spain, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Austria, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, France, Malaysia, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico, Portugal, and Ireland. Our most visited features were Eitienne Wenger and Bill Snyder’s Learning Communities, Marcia and my Learning Manifesto, and an interview with Esther Dyson.

We have much to learn from all of you about preferences, interests, and what you'd like to see more of¾but our opening guess is that we've struck some kind of nerve or a hunger for articles about this all important topic that doesn't just tackle the same old, same old. We're dedicated to finding perspectives, insights, and voices at the intersection of learning and business results¾and to do so, we're both going beyond members of the traditional "learning community" and asking those who would count themselves as members to think about some of the non-traditional questions. Innovation blossoms at the intersection of disciplines and in the margins of the mainstream. You'll find us and our contributors spanning boundaries, poking into the liminal, fuzzy areas, and out and out dragging the topic of learning into the debates of major thinkers and practitioners who focus on performance, strategy, and organization first and foremost.

All that said, write and give us your two cents (or two pesos, two rubles, or whatever) worth. Our guesses about what you'd like to see and hear are early educated bets, and nothing more. If you disagree with what you're reading or what we think we're doing, fire some shots. If we get something right, and you want to see more, pour it on. This bluebird is still learning to fly; it's been a very promising start, but the New Economy teaches everybody one major lesson¾the game is about adapting to change, every day, every way. If you fancy yourself as a writer, thinker, or contributor beyond a note to the editor, please let us know. We’re always on the lookout for new voices and ideas for our pages.

And, if you are a service or technology provider, or some other kind of venture seeking a new and enthusiastic audience on the web, consider a sponsorship. We have co-branding opportunities and hotlinks to offer. Let me know (brook@linezine.com). Our bluebird can even arrange skywriting. Up, up and away!

Kind Regards,